Brand Health Research/Brand Tracks
Evaluates congruence between actual and desired perceptions of brand promise, identity and image. Provides benchmarks with competitors. Includes testing your brand on key metrics such as:

• Awareness
• Familiarity
• Consideration
• Preference and loyalty

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Includes classification of customers on the ‘Loyalty Grid’, evaluations of emotional, attitudinal and behavioral loyalty. Measures advocacy through NPS.

Advertising Effectiveness (Pre and Post)
Includes testing effectiveness of multiple campaigns by using ‘Lift Analysis’. In addition to content evaluation, also measures change in perception important metrics such as:

• Awareness
• Familiarity
• Consideration
• Preference
• Purchase intention
• Advocacy

Product and Concept Testing
Includes CLTs, Car Clinics, In-home/In-market testing for existing as well as new products and concepts. Evaluates attractiveness of:

• Multiple choice sets (features and attributes)
• Price trade-off
• Purchase and re-purchase intentions

Packaging Tests
Includes in-store package tests for standard SKUs as well as special packs (such as Diwali gift packs). Evaluates multiple packaging attributes depending on product such as:

• Attractiveness
• Durability
• Hygiene
• Ease of use

Usage and Attitude Research
Creates a product/service usage landscape that includes nature (frequency, type and depth) of interactions with your brand and key competitive brands. Also evaluates attitudes towards these brands based on key brand and loyalty metrics.

Customer Segmentation and Profiling
Often combined with Usage and Attitude Research, this creates customer segments based on demographic, geographic, behavior or lifestyle attributes. Includes ‘segment profiling’ for more effective targeting.

Price Sensitivity Measurement
Uses the Van Westendorp technique to determine the acceptable price range for a product or service. Measure consumer price preferences and sensitivity using a graphical plot.

Sensory Evaluation
Used specifically for the Food and Beverage sector. Measures consumer sensory responses to product attributes such as:

• Appearance
• Touch
• Odour
• Texture
• Temperature
• Taste

Ethnography/Day in the life Studies
Observational and non-intrusive research technique typically used for ‘consumer immersion’ where deep understanding of consumer behavior and lifestyle is essential. Provides a 360° view of the consumer’s real life using extensive audio and video coverage.

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