FieldNet Global Research LLP brings together diverse management experience with extensive on-the ground operational expertise. While our management team combines understanding of Market Research both from the client and agency side, our operations team draws on experience of successfully managing several hundred research assignments, over 4,00,000 interviews and more than 2,200 focus groups in 11 languages. In addition to this, we have the unique ability to leverage our sister organization (Kaizen Research Marketing) to execute integrated sales, marketing & research programs.

At FieldNet Global Research LLP there are no shortcuts. Our team is very clear about the difference between being smart and being insincere. Of all aspects in our business, the one we value most is the trust our clients place in us. This philosophy defines our organizational culture and forms the backbone of our quality control processes.

Cost Effective
Cost control at FieldNet Global Research LLP is driven not by cutting corners but by minimizing wastage and discouraging extravagance. The amount of thought that goes into conceptualizing a research project is rivaled only by the effort we put into defining the field-execution and QA plan for the project. This enables us to deliver efficiency based cost savings without compromising on the quality of data gathered and timeliness of project delivery.

Our Clients