At FieldNet Global Research LLP we understand the significance that Market Research data has in our clients’ decision making process. Inaccurate data can skew critical decisions which can have adverse impact on their business. To deliver the best possible quality to our clients we incorporate stringent quality control processes on all projects.

Stringent Team Recruitment Process
Strong emphasis is placed on selection of manpower for all our projects. Project supervisors and interviewers are selectively allocated to projects based strictly on key respondent sample parameters such as age, gender, socio-economic and cultural profile, location and the research topic.

Robust training
‘Project briefing’ is the single most important component of our training process. It is fundamental for team members to understand why they are collecting the data that they are. Our training ensures that before going to field, each team member is aware of the project background, is fully equipped with the skills needed to elicit quality responses and understands how the data will be used.

Real-time monitoring
For field projects, we recommend a 1 to 6 supervisor to staff ratio for all our projects. This enables the supervisors to accompany team members, conduct spot checks and back-checks on a daily basis across all interviewers and all areas surveyed. All our CATI projects include call barging, 100% call recording and call backs for ensuring interview authenticity. Online surveys also include multiple checks at the sample level as well as real-time such as IP tracking, straight-lining checks, cheater questions, time-stamps etc.

Independent auditors
An independent team of auditors provides a second layer of quality control. 10% of all field contacts are verified physically or via phone.

Data quality check
A third layer of quality assurance involves conducting logical data QC immediately after data is converted to electronic format. Any discrepancy found at this stage in an interview immediately disqualifies that interview.

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