Welcome to Fieldnet Global Research LLP

Fieldnet Global Research LLP is (formed in December 2005) full service Market Research agency providing services to clients from across the globe and spanning multiple sectors. Our services range from executing Market Research assignments to conducting large scale audits and polls. Clients come to us with diverse research needs:

• New Product Testing
• Advertising Effectiveness
• Package Testing
• Brand Health Tracking
• POS Execution Effectiveness
• Competitive Intelligence
• New Business Model Validation
• Customer Satisfaction Assessment
• Consumer Segmentation and Profiling
• Price Sensitivity Measurement

With extensive experience in multiple Market Research methodologies, we are well placed to offer integrated and insightful solutions for their needs.

At Fieldnet Global Research LLP, our primary goal is to provide clients exceptional quality and maximum value for their Market Research spend. We achieve this by leveraging seamless integration between our core team and our network of associates and partners.
With a collective Market Research and Marketing experience spanning several sectors, our core management team had the unique distinction of being able to bring both a ‘client perspective’ and ‘agency perspective’ to every project.
Our delivery model has been perfected over a decade and allows our clients access to:

• Multiple geographic markets
• Diverse consumer segments
• Exceptional global research talent
• Best in class project management at highly competitive costs.

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